About Us

We’re a couple of Charlotteans who enjoy playing escape rooms. Plain and simple. We’ve built this site simply to share our experience with you and provide our own unique perspective on the escape room options available to you in Charlotte.

We’re not pros, and we’re not even all that good. We just enjoy the games and want to let others know what we’ve found. The reviews shared on this site are solely our opinion – nothing more and nothing less. You may have a very different experience and like a room more than we do. That’s great! We just want people to play.

We don’t let the companies in Charlotte influence our reviews or pay for rankings. That’s not the point. We do ask that they should a small portion of their booking fee when we direct a customer to them via our site. Some do. Some don’t. We simply use it as a way to maintain this site and keep playing the escape rooms we love.

We hope you enjoy reading about Charlotte’s escape rooms as much as we enjoy playing them!