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Blackout is a 3-game escape room experience located in Charlotte’s South End.  They take a different approach than other escape rooms in town by using live action actors.  It’s adds a different element to the game that many enjoy.  The nature of this also lends their games to have more of a horror theme than some others in town.

The Blackout game play creates a better experience for groups that don’t know each other beforehand. The set design leaves something to be desired, but you don’t notice as much with the other elements in the game.

The inherent challenge is that with just 3 rooms it’s harder for them to host larger groups if you’re looking for a team building event or group outing.


Our Experience

We’ve only played South End Psycho.  So we can’t speak to the other games.  We haven’t enjoyed live actors in the past, but this was fun one for us.  It was a nice break from traditional games though we still found the single room disappointing.  It just felt small.

But South End location is a plus as it allows you to make an evening out of it.


Best Time to Go

Blackout has been expanding hours recently.  With so much going on in South End, we like to make an evening of it.  So hit them up Wed – Fri then grab a drink afterwards with friends.  Makes for a great time.


 What Others Say

Blackout gets great reviews online, and a good friend who is also an escape room veteran loved the live-actor element of the game.  If “horror themed rooms” are what you’re looking for and you want something different than the traditional escape room, this is your place!



1415 S Church St B, Charlotte, NC 28203 (in Charlotte’s South End)


blackout’s Escape Rooms

  1. South End Psycho
  2. Cell Block 704
  3. Trade Street Epidemic



$30 per player