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Codescape is located on the 2nd floor of 933 Louise Ave just above Advent Coworking.  And they’re now next door neighbors with the newly opened Catawba Brewing.  They were original founded by a team that included set designers from Universal Studios.  That member of the team has left, but the influence has remained.  Codescape continues to have some of the best designed sets we’ve ever seen.

You’ll find some consistent concepts throughout Codescape games.  Some of the puzzles will feel familiar if you play all the games, but overall, they’re fairly well built.  Though some of their clues and puzzles border on impossible.  They may require a player to spend a significant amount of time one just one puzzle.

Codescape’s Plaza Midwood location serves a great neighborhood in Charlotte.  They’re a little hard to find (some lighted signage would be good), but if you enjoy escape rooms, they’re worth the drive.


Our Experience

We’ve played all 4 escape rooms at Codescape.  We beat The Residents, Deep Space, and The Experiment.  Shipwrecked kicked out butt, but it was one of the first escape rooms we’d ever played.  So our skills weren’t refined yet!

Shipwrecked was great, and The Experiment has some really creative puzzles that our entire group liked.  The Residents is hit and miss.  Some great puzzles and some that fall short.  And the ending was very anti-climatic.  Deep Space wasn’t a top tier game for us.  One hint for that, you MUST have at least 4 players to even be able to physically complete the game.

We judge on a harsh scale because we love escape rooms.  So don’t take the comments above to mean we don’t love the Codescape rooms.  They are great escape games!

The biggest challenge with Codescape are the things outside of their rooms.  The location, the staff, the setup, and the overall experience leaves something to be desired.  They need to work on it.


Best Time to Go

They’re closed on Mondays.  Go on a Thursday or Friday night then make it an entire evening out in Plaza Midwood


What Others Say

Like most escape rooms, the reviews online are pretty good.  The friends we’ve played with shared the same concerns we do around the out-of-room experience.  One set of escape room vets truly hated Deep Space.  It wasn’t our favorite, but “hate” is too strong of a word.  To each their own I guess.



933 Louise Avenue #201, Charlotte, North Carolina 28204


codescape’s Escape Rooms

  1. Shipwrecked
  2. The Residents
  3. Deep Space
  4. The Experiment



$28 per player