Escape Hour - Charlotte escape room



Escape Hour was the first escape room in and around Matthews.  It’s family-owned and a great place to play your first escape rooms.  Their games generally have lots of mini-puzzles which gives your group lots of things to work on without feeling stuck early.  It’ll challenge how you think and what you focus on.

Go with a larger group so you have enough people to solve all the puzzles.  Sometimes it’s not that they’re too hard but that there are too many to solve in your one our limit.


Our Experience

We tried The Detective’s Office and found it to be a fun, engaging challenge.  As we said above, there was a lot to work on.  The staff was really friendly throughout and helpful during the game when we wanted/needed them.   Certainly a place we’d consider going back to.


Best Time to Go

Similar to Escape Kings, it’s a smaller escape room with just 3 games.  So availability can be hit or miss.  They’re closed Mon & Tues and only open 5-10pm Wed – Fri with full 11am – 10pm hours Sat and Sun.


 What Others Say

All escape rooms continue to get high marks on Facebook, Google, and Yelp, but Escape Hour’s are slightly lower.  But a deeper dive reveals not dissatisfaction but rather a lock of a “wow” factor for some players.



9301-A Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28270  (near Matthews by Inner Peaks)


escape hour’s Escape Rooms

  1. The Detective’s Office
  2. The Dollhouse
  3. Granny’s House



$25 per player



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