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Exit Strategy was the first escape room to open in Charlotte.  They’ve now been here for 3 years.  They’ve long had the benefit of being the largest escape room in town.  With 6 games at their South Charlotte location, they’re well equipped to handle large groups for all kinds of outings.

3 of their 6 games are only single rooms.  For many players, that’s a disappointment as many enjoy the excitement of progressing through multiple rooms within a game.  You’ll find more keys and padlocks here and fewer high-tech electronic props.

The games are generally built well so that they’re non-linear and allow for all players to be involved in the game.  You won’t find high-end set design like you will at some other rooms, but you will get a good game experience.


Our Experience

We got our start at Exit Strategy.  This is where we fell in love with escape rooms.  Cabin in the Woods and Bank Heist were first for us.  Bank Heist is the staff favorite, though we didn’t love it.  Cabin is a good game though being just a single room leaves players wanting a little more.  Lost in Space was  pretty good, but like a few of their rooms, there were faulty props and puzzles that soured the experience a little.

We haven’t played Final Sacrifice or Quest of Honor.  We’ve heard mixed reviews – some loved it; some have walked away disappointed.

Murder Mystery was a big disappointment.  It was one of the worst escape rooms we’ve ever played (of 15 we’ve tried).  We’d love to see them retire this game and do something new.

You’ll usually find a good staff at Exit Strategy too.  Once we had a sub-par experience, but on the whole you’ll get good Game Masters who make the experience enjoyable.

It’s definitely worth your time and money to check out Exit Strategy.


Best Time to Go

They’ll be packed on Saturdays and most Fridays too.  If you can find the time to go Mon – Thurs you have a better chance of getting a room to yourself.


What Others Say

Exit Strategy is popular with the masses.  They have been around for a few years now, and if you’ve tried an escape room in Charlotte you’ve likely tried one of Exit Strategy’s.  The reviews on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook are all very favorable.



Exit Strategy now has two locations.

South – 4215 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28217

North – 9537 Pinnacle Dr., Ste 300, Charlotte, NC


exit strategy’s Escape Rooms


  1. Cabin in the Woods
  2. Lost in Space
  3. Murder Mystery
  4. Queen City Bank Heist
  5. Quest of Honor
  6. Final Sacrifice


  1. Subject Zero
  2. Spy Trainer



$25 per player